Looking for the Best Off Road SUV?

Maybe you’re already the proud owner of the best off road SUV for your needs or perhaps you’re still shopping around to find just the right model…


…from two-tracking to rock crawling, drift busting to mud bogging, off road driving enthusiasts come in all types and with the great variety of vehicles available there’s likely a make and model you’ll find best suited to your favorite kind of off road adventure.

We know from experience that when you are in the market for a new (or new to you) vehicle it takes a massive amount of searching to find detailed information on each make and model you’re interested in. Once you’ve gathered all the specifications, features and pricing information you still have to assemble it in a way that let’s you compare your options.

Our goal is to gather much of that information into one place for you so that instead of spending time searching you can put more time into comparing your favorite SUVs and deciding which one will best meet your needs (and be the most fun!).


How To Find the Best Off Road SUV


Where you start when you decide to look for an off-road SUV may depend on if you already have a brand preference as well as how hard-core of an off-roader you plan to be.  If you’re not yet sure exactly what type you’re interested in and don’t have a preference for a particular make you might want to look through the different brand names and see what catches your eye.

There a lot of legendary brand and model names competing for the title of “Best Off Road SUV” which, for you, is a good thing. Unless of course you find it hard to make decisions. Since the competition between manufacturers has spurred each automaker to hone their offerings and try and deliver the best experience possible to attract the most customers there’s been a lot of change and improvement from one model year to the next.

best off road suvYou’ll want to decide if it matters in your scheme of things whether you go with a foreign or domestic model and how important it is to have a status symbol versus the most competent down-to-earth off road vehicle possible.

Naturally if a bit of upper-crust status is important then models like Land Rover’s Range Rover, a Mercedes Benz or even the Porsche Cayenne will appeal to you. If you’re looking for more of an all-American rough-and-tumble off road SUV experience then there is plenty to be had from several of the Jeep models.

Surprisingly enough even if you go with a luxury model you really aren’t giving up on off-road capability although it is questionable how many people with a $45,000-$100,000 vehicle will really want to take it through really serious off road terrain. Who knows…Maybe you do!

If you already know exactly what type of off-road driving you’ll be doing you can check out the categories like: “Rock Crawling SUVs” to see what sport utility vehicles are the best for a specific type of driving.

Alright. Ready to dig in and see if you can identify the best off road SUV for your needs? Check out the categories below:


Best Off Road SUV Models By Brand:



    • best-bmw-off-road-suvThe best off road SUV model from the famous German automaker is the X5. It’s arguably one of the most exciting models on the market given the number of different power-plant options that are available to choose from and it’s traditionally impressive performance in a variety of conditions. The latest generation of the X5 is offered with three different engines all of which are very impressive in their own way. They include a 3.0L 300HP turbocharged straight six that has become the mainstay of the BMW lineup and received quite a bit of positive coverage in reviews, an very fuel efficient 3.0L I-6 diesel engine with 265HP and 425 lb-ft of torque and a highway EPA rating of 26MPG, and finally a turbocharged 4.4L V8 putting out 400HP and 450 lb-ft or torque on the top-of-the-line 2011 BMW X5 xDrive 50i model.


  • Although you’ll likely see it far more often on the streets and highways around your home Chevy’s best off road SUV is probably the Tahoe. The Tahoe comes in three trims levels for 2011: LS, LT and LTZ. All feature the automaker’s 5.3L 320HP V8. While definitely more off road capable than your average car and many light duty crossover SUVs the Tahoe is probably more comfortable doing towing and light-duty off road work than it is tackling rock crawling and mudding activities. Since it’s been in production for quite some time and shares many features with Chevy’s pickup line you can find many good used models and parts should be easy to come by.
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Jeep
  • Land Rover
  • Porsche
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
You can read about more models on the Best Off Road SUV Blog page


By Driving Type:


      • StreetLight Off-Road
      • Rock Crawling
      • Mud Bogging
      • Dune Bashing
      • Two-trackingGreenlaning


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